Hotspots in Breda

Breda is a small city close to Rotterdam and Antwerp. It has nice side streets with original shops and some great food options. Below are my favorites.
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vegan falafel red beet hummus sandwich sunshine breda
If I walk into Sunshine I get happy immediately! It’s so colorfully decorated with artifacts from all over the world. And their menu makes me even happier. So many vegetarian and vegan options! Also they cook on small scale and use as many fresh products as possible. Besides the regular lunch dishes, they always have daily specials like the vegan sweet potato pumpkin curry soup when I was there. The sandwich with falafel and red beet hummus pictured above is on their regular menu.

Barista Cafe
barista cafe breda

The centrally located Barista Cafe (right at the market square) is a perfect stop for a nice cup of coffee, latte art included! They also have delicious cakes like carrot cake, apple pie and cheesecake. For lunch they have all the classics like a club sandwich or a smoked salmon sandwich. They also have several finger food options, with which you can create your own snackplatter. You can find Barista Cafe in several other cities like Amersfoort, Lisse and Haarlem.

In Kannen en Kruiken
In kannen en kruiken breda
I love it when a lunchroom dares to stand out! Let yourself be surprised by the original menu from In Kannen Kruiken. No simple cheese sandwiches here. IKEK serves overnight oats with banana and chia seeds or.a prawn salad sandwich They have a vegetarian club sandwich and they’re willing to make it vegan by skipping the cream cheese and adding an extra layer of hummus. They also have gluten free bread if desired. Although the older generation might frown upon the menu when they walk in, they’ll be pleasantly surprised when they walk out.

restaurant Loff Breda
LOFF is an organic vegetarian and vegan restaurant. Since I’m not eating meat, I obviously love these kind of restaurants! Loff is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but you can also go there for a cup of coffee and a piece of sugar free cake. You create your own meal at the buffet and you pay per weight. A great way to try as many veggie dishes as you want!

yirga breda
Yirga is mostly known for its good coffee and their brunches. For only 15 euros each you can reserve an extensive brunch at Yirga. It contains pretty much everything a brunch should contain: coffee/tea, juice, sandwiches, croissants, poached eggs, pancakes and much more. You can reserve your spot via the website.
Not feeling like a big brunch? No problem; they also serve sandwiches, all day breakfast items a soup and a salad. And many sweets, including sugar free options. Pictured above is their lactose free, gluten free orange almond cake.

De jongens van zand en klei
potato sushi de jongens van zand en klei breda finest potatoes
They’ve got quite a long name which means: ‘the boys of sand and clay’. Their mission is to show you that the old-fashioned potato is totally hip! They serve all kinds of dishes with potato as the main ingredient. And trust me, it’s not your old-fashioned stamppot, they’ll really surprise you! They’ve got ‘pappas’ for example, these potato tapas are great for sharing. Or try their crunchy potato basket as a main dish. They’ve got several vegetarian options, like the cajun potato basket with guacamole, tomato and kidney beans. Pictured above is their potato sushi. Yes, I thought I was experimental with sushi (check my favorite sushi recipes) but ‘the boys’ are bringing it to the next level!

Bali James
bali james

Bali James serves authentic Indonesian food. Chef and owner Jimmy Lohamzah might look very young, but he’s been cooking Indonesian food at this restaurant since 2004. Although you can order regular dishes, I recommend the ‘rijsttafel’, this tasting menu offers all the best of the Indonesian cuisine. The original menu already has many vegetarian options, but they’re willing to adjust it for you if you want to skip the meat. They also take good care of their guests with food allergies; they’ve listed allergens for every item on the menu!

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