Christmas Gifts for Foodies

Looking for a present for a foodie? I’ve got you covered with all kinds of Christmas gifts for foodies. Whether you want to give it to a friend who loves eating (or is always on a diet), or keep them for yourself; this page will give you plenty of holidays inspiration for foodies.
And as its the season of giving, I’m also giving away some of these presents to my readers!

Vegetarian Christmas Dinner

Do you want to give your friend some inspiration for a vegetarian Christmas dinner? On December 17, 18 and 19 you can have a vegetarian Christmas lunch at Circl Restaurant in Amsterdam so that you’ll have inspiration for your own Christmas dinner. You’ll get a free recipe book with three 4-course Christmas menus that are all vegetarian. No time to go to Amsterdam? No problem! You can also download the recipe e-book for free and order all the ingredients you’ll need for one of the menus in one box online at Willem&Drees so it’ll be delivered to your door (the deliver in the entire Netherlands). It has never been so easy to surprise your guests with a vegetarian Christmas dinner.

Fior di Frutta

In general, foodies really got a taste for delicacies. So giving them an original, high quality food product will always be a good choice. One of those gems is Fior di Frutta from Rigoni di Asiago. This Italian family business makes honey, preserves and nut pastes according to traditional recipes. This winter they’ve introduced four new preserves with citrus. The spreads are great on a sandwich, with scones, with cheese and with cake. In the Netherlands the Rigoni di Asiago products are for sale in organic shops.

Because December is a month of giving, I gave away a set of three Fior di Frutta citrus preserves on my blog. I’ve already picked a winner so that he can enjoy them before Christmas!


If you can’t be with your friend this Christmas but you want to send them a nice Christmas present, you can send them the delicious homemade brownies from Waldo Patisserie! If you order your brownies before 4pm, they get delivered the same day. They’ve got all kinds of brownie variations like brownies with Oreo cookies or blondies.
And as of this month they’ve also got a shop that you can visit. You can find the bakery of Waldo Patisserie in the Pijp neighborhood in Amsterdam.

Fab and Fit on a Budget

My sweet friend Ellen from Fab and Fit on a Budget brought out her own book! Ellen and I have known each other via Instagram for years, and I met her for the first time when she joined my Food Blogger Tour Tilburg in 2018. We’ve been friends ever since and I’m very proud of her that she’s got her own book now! In the book Ellen shows you that a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be expensive. There are over 100 recipes in the book and it comes with a convenient weekplanner so that you’re ready to live a fabulous and fit life on a budget!

Click here to order Fab and Fit on a Budget.

Christmas Ornaments Fast Food

Last year I wrote a separate blog post on Christmas ornaments for foodies, as I like them so much. Look at this French Fries ornament for example! It’s the perfect little gift for foodies. And it’s budget friendly! This ‘kerstbal’ is only 2,50 at HEMA in the Netherlands. The burger at the top of this page is also available at HEMA. They also have a Cava bottle and a hotdog. So for Christmas ornaments in the fast food category, this is your one-stop shop.

Delicious Christmas

You probably want to get the Delicious. Magazine December issue way before Christmas, so that you’ll have time to get inspired for your Christmas dinner. The magazine is packed with beautiful recipes for the Holiday season. And there are also recipes for a vegetarian Christmas.
The Delicious. Magazine is available in book and magazine shops in the Netherlands.

Food Keychain

Isn’t this water melon keychain the cutest? It just makes me happy instantly. You can order this Jellycat keychain at I am Foodie, and if you’re fast you get a bit discount as they’re currently on sale on their website. It isn’t only great for your keys, but also very nice as a bag charm.

Sustainable Apple Cider

I love independent food start-ups that try to make the world a better place. ‘De Vergeten Appel‘ (The Forgotten Apple) is one of those initiatives. This one man business is located very close to my hometown Tilburg. He collects apples from people or orchards that fell off the trees and that would otherwise have been thrown away. From these apples he creates delicious apple cider. He does everything in the process himself. From picking up the apples to bottling the cider.
It’s a great Christmas gift and you’re supporting a sustainable local business at the same time. Click here to order your bottles of apple cider.

Christmas Ornament Sweet

Another nice stop for foodie themed Christmas ornaments is Blokker. My favorite is this bubble gum machine Christmas hanger. You can actually move the balls around in the glass. They also have a cotton candy machine Christmas ornament where you can see the cotton candy inside the glass as well. These two are available in the Blokker webshop. In the Blokker stores they have more food themed ‘kersthangers’ like a donut and an ice cream cone.

Food Phone case

A real foodie also needs a food themed phone case of course! At CaseApp you can choose from all kinds of designs for your phone cover including several food themed ones. You can also design your own phone or laptop case on their website. I created my own Anne Travel Foodie phone case with my logo and signature food: the avocado.
If you use discount code ANNETRAVEL20, you get a 20% discount on your CaseApp order.
Click here to visit the CaseApp website.

Koken met Kikker

Does your foodie friend have kids? Then this cookbook ‘Koken met Kikker’ (Cooking with Frog) is a great Christmas present. After the many ‘Kikker’ children’s books from Max Velthuijs, he now made this cookbook with recipes from Kikker and his friends. The book includes short stories and several seasonal recipes. The recipes are written down step-by-step so you can create them together with your kids.
The ‘Koken met Kikker’ cookbook is available in Dutch. Click here to order Koken met Kikker.

Cirqula multikom

The multibowls from Mepal are a favorite in many kitchens. You can use these bowls for all kinds of things. I mostly use them to put my leftovers in them. You can put it in the freezer and straight from there in the microwave whenever you’re ready to eat your dish. And they’re also dishwasher proof! This winter Mepal has launched new colors for their multibowls. These beautiful colors make sure that you can just put the bowls straight on the dining table as they’re just as pretty as your tableware.

Because I love the new colors from the Mepal Cirqula multi bowl, I’m giving away a set to one of my readers of my blog and one of my Facebook followers.
To win, you’ll have to subscribe to my newsletter below and let me know in the comments why you’d like to win.
Good luck!

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  • Oee heerlijk! Ik zou het gebruiken als zoetmiddel in heerlijke baksels en sochtends lekker door een bakje kwark!

    Joy Droogsma 4 December 2019 19:49 Reply
  • Mmmm multiuse. Maar het lekkerst op brood met pindakaas,

    Helen 5 December 2019 00:09 Reply
  • Lekker zeg. Doe graag mee. Maak er denk ik een heerlijke citrusvruchten cheesecake mee.

    John 5 December 2019 11:58 Reply
    • Gefeliciteerd John! Jij wint het pakket met 3 Fior di Frutta! Ik stuur je zo een mail met meer informatie. Groeten Anne

      annetravelfoodie 9 December 2019 20:55 Reply
  • Wat een geweldige kleurtjes van de mepal kommen. Zou heel graag mee doen. Dan kan ik mooi een heleboel oude bakjes weg doen.😊

    Peggy 10 December 2019 15:55 Reply
  • OMG dat is een gave handige set in schitterende kleuren, dit fanatieke keukenprinsesje waagt graag een kansje!
    Die Cirqula multikommen zijn echt geweldig.
    Duim duim duim en groetjes uit het keukentje van Riekie

    Riekie Bos 10 December 2019 16:06 Reply
  • Ik waag graag een kansje voor de Cirqula multikom om met mijn mannen hun verjaardag (27 december) te gebruiken genoeg lekkers om in de bakken voor hun verjaardag te bewaren en voor die tijd kunnen we ze ook al met kerst gebruiken om de rollade enzo in zo’n mooie bak te bewaren

    Carolien Schutte 10 December 2019 16:07 Reply
  • zou echt heel fijn zijn deze te winnen. Vind het lastig om goed en gezond te eten en te koken en deze bakjes zouden heel fijn zijn om vooraf maaltijden enzo te maken!ben minima en wil dus ook zo weinig mogelijk vespillen en in mepal bakjes blijft alles altijd zo fijn en lekker goed, weet ik uit mijn jeugd nog! Toen we altijd lunches meekregen in dit soort bakjes! #sentiment

    frida 10 December 2019 16:12 Reply
  • Wow dat multiset is hier van harte welkom

    Eric van trigt 10 December 2019 16:12 Reply
  • Wauw! Die fleurige multibowls van Mepal zijn perfect voor restjes of porties avondeten invriezen! Superhandig dat ze tegen alles bestand zijn: huppa, zo’n bowl vanuit de vriezer en rechtstreeks de magnetron in! Idéáál! Als freelancer ben ik regelmatig ‘s avonds niet thuis dus dan kan ik op deze fleurige manier alsnog wat liefde (=food) geven aan mijn man 🙂

    Suzanne Middelie 10 December 2019 17:41 Reply
  • Oh ja nieuwe bakken voor mijn baksels. En misschien maak ik me schoonzusje ook nog blij ermee.

    Christel 10 December 2019 17:41 Reply
  • Mijn vriend heeft sinds kort weer helemaal het kookvirus te pakken en zou hem graag blij maken met deze set voor al zijn foodpreps 🙂

    Michelle 10 December 2019 22:57 Reply
  • Jaa, zijn super leuk om mee naar het werk te nemen en toch een beetje nederland in belgie.

    Tamara 11 December 2019 10:33 Reply
  • Ohhh wat een goede tip die bakken van Mepal! Ik begin in januari bij mijn allereerste baan ooit (spannend!) en ben van plan om lekkere lunches en snacks van thuis mee te nemen, zoals salades en zelfgemaakt bananenbrood. Daar zouden deze bakjes ideaal voor zijn! 🙂 Liefs!

    Maike 11 December 2019 10:51 Reply
  • Ooh mooie kleuren! Die zijn fijn om in huis te hebben, om eten in te bewaren voor de mini en de inimini (en ok, ook voor onszelf).

    Nyncke 12 December 2019 22:41 Reply
  • Wat een gave set! Die kleuren 🥰 sowieso mepal fan, goede kwaliteit en makkelijk in gebruik. Ik doe graag mee!

    Aline Bouma 13 December 2019 21:07 Reply
  • Ik waag graag een kansje mee. Sinds 1 november heb ik een nieuwe baan, nu neem ik steeds plastic zakjes mee maar dit is niet helemaal wereld vriendelijk. Ik ben al lang op zoek naar toffe bakjes en deze die zouden erg hard shinen op mijn bureau!

    Gisèle 13 December 2019 21:30 Reply
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