Complete List of Food Days

From International Pancake Day to National Coffee day. It feels like very food group or item has its own date nowadays. As a food blogger I love celebrating food days. It’s a good excuse to eat that food on that day. But it’s also great to use food days if you’re a company or food blogger. Many people and brands will search for the hashtag of that food day and it’ll give your content a chance to be found. On this page I’ve created a complete list of food days. Most of them are international food days, but some of them are national (for example for the US only). If the latter is the case, I’ve stated it specificaly.

I’ve made one complete list of food days sorted by date and one by food on alphabetical order, so that you can always find what you’re looking for.

List of Food Days (chronological)

January 4 Spaghetti Day
January 12 Hot Tea Day
January 15 Bagel Day
January 20 Cheese Lovers Day
Januari 24 National Pancake Day in the United States
January 27 Chocolate Cake Day
Januari 30 Croissant Day
Chinese New Year; on the day the new moon appears between January 21 and February 20th. In 2021 it’s on February 12th. In 2022 it’s on February 1st)

Februari 4 Nationale Frikandellendag (Netherlands)
Februari 5 Nutella Day
Februari 6 Chopsticks Day
Februari 9 Pizza Day
February 14 Valentine’s Day
Februari 16 Pancake Day (on Shrove Day/ Fat Tuesday)
Februari 18 Eat Ice cream for Breakfast Day
Februari 26 Pistachio Day

March 10 Pack Your Lunch Day
March 14 Pie Day
March 19 Pancake Day in the Netherlands
March 20 Macaron Day
March 25 Waffle Day

April 4 Ramen Noodle Day
April 5 Caramel Day
April 5 International Soup Day
April 6 Tomato Day
April 8 Empanada Day
April 11 Cheese Fondue Day
April 12 Grilled Cheese Day (in the US)
April 19 Garlic Day

May 13 International Hummus Day
May 14 Brioche Day
May 16 World Whiskey Day (3rd Saturday of May)
May 17 World Baking Day
May 21 International Tea Day
May 21 Pizza Party Day (3rd Friday in May)
May 25 National Wine Day (in the US)
May 26 National Blueberry Cheesecake Day (in the US)
May 28 International burger day
May 31 National Macaron Day (in the US)

June 1 Milk Day
June 4 Cheese Day
June 4 Donut Day
June 12 World Verdejo Day (2nd Friday in June)
June 12 Falafel Day
June 17 World Tapas Day (3th Thursday in June)
June 18 International Sushi Day

July 7 World Chocolate Day
July 13 French Fries Day
July 18 Ice Cream Day (3rd Sunday in July)
July 29 Lasagna Day
July 30 Cheesecake Day
July 31 Avocado Day

August 6 Beer day (the first Friday of August)
August 10 S’mores Day
August 30 National Toasted Marshmallow Day in the United States

September 1 Tofu day
September 13 International Chocolate Day
September 16 Guacamole Day
September 26 Breakfast Day
September 28 International Poke Day

October 1 World Vegetarian Day
October 1 International Coffee Day
October 4-10 Curry week in the UK
October 6 National Noodle Day in the United States
October 9 International Egg Day
October 10 World Porridge Day
October 14 Dessert Day
October 14 Nationale Groente en Fruitdag (in the Netherlands)
October 16 World Food Day
October 19 Gin Tonic Day
October 21 International Day of the Nacho
October 25 World Pasta Day
October 29 Oatmeal Day

November 1 Vegan Day
November 3 Sandwich Day
November 6 National Nacho Day in the United States
November 10 National Vanilla Cupcake Day in the United States
November 26 National Cake Day in the United States

December 4 Cookie Day
December 7 National Cotton Candy Day
December 8 Brownie Day

List of Food Days (alphabetical)

Avocado Day: July 31
Bagel Day: January 15
Baking Day: May 17
Beer Day: first Friday of August (August 6 in 2021)
Blueberry Cheesecake Day: May 26
Breakfast Day: September 26
Brioche Day: May 14
Brownie Day: December 8
Cake Day: November 26
Caramel Day: April 5
Cheese Lovers Day: January 20
Cheese Day: June 4 in the USA
Cheese Fondue Day: April 11
Cheesecake Day: July 30
Chocolate Day: July 7 and September 13
Chocolate Cake Day: January 27
Chopsticks Day: February 6
Coffee Day: October 1
Cookies Day: December 4
Cotton Candy: December 7 in the US
Croissant Day: January 30
Curry week: beginning of October in the UK
Dessert Day: October 14
Donut Day: June 4
Egg Day: October 9
Empanada Day: April 8
Falafel Day: June 12
French Fries Day: July 13
Frikandellendag: February 4 (in the Netherlands)
Garlic Day: April 19
Gin Tonic Day: October 19
Grilled Cheese Day: April 12 (in the US)
Guacamole Day: September 16
Hot Tea Day: January 12
Hummus Day: May 13
Ice cream Day: 3rd Sunday in July (in 2021 on July 18)
Ice cream for Breakfast Day: February 18
Lasagna Day: July 29
Macaron Day: May 31 (and March 20 in the US)
Marshmallows Day: August 3 (in the US)
Milk Day: June 1
Nachos Day: October 21 (and November 6 in the US)
Noodles Day: October 6 (in the US)
Nutella Day: February 5
Oatmeal Day: October 29
Pack your Lunch Day: March 10
Pancake Day: the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday (in 2021 on Februari 16)
Pasta Day: October 25
Peanut Butter Day: January 24 in the US
Pie Day: March 14
Pistachio Day: February 26
Pizza Day: February 9
Pizza Party Day: 3rd Friday in May (May 21 in 2021)
Poke bowls: September 28
Porridge Day: October 10
Ramen: April 4
Sandwich Day: November 3
S’mores Day: August 10
Soup Day: April 5
Spaghetti Day: Januari 4
Sushi Day: 18 juni
Tapas Day: 3rd Thursday in June
Tea Day: May 21
Tofu Day: September 1
Tomato Day: April 6
Vanilla Cupcake Day: November 10
Vegan Day: November 1
Vegetarian Day: October 1
Vegetables and fruit Day: October 14 (in the Netherlands)
Verdejo Day: 2nd Friday in June
Waffle Day: March 25
Whiskey Day: 3rd Saturday in May (in 2021 on May 18)
Wine Day: May 25 in the US

Is there a day missing in this list? Let me know in a comment underneath this post.

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