My favorite food spots in Eindhoven

Eindhoven has been a bit behind foodwise. For years there were little healthy hotspots to be found. Luckily things are changing! Below I’ve listed my favorite healthy hotspots in Eindhoven. Hopefully I’ll soon be able to expand the list and add more veggie friendly food spots!
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Onder de Leidingstraat
vegan sandwich onder de leidingstraat eindhoven
Onder de Leidingstraat is a deli meets lunchroom meets take-out in the hippest area of Eindhoven Strijp-S. The old Philips factories are now being used as hip shops, creative spaces and new restaurants. My favorite is Onder de Leidingstraat. They serve breakfast all day (Gluten free granola! Vegan chia pudding!), have delicious salads and a wide range of sandwiches. They have two vegan sandwiches on the menu, including the homemade pumpkin spread and mushroom sandwich pictured above. They also have a small ‘supermercado’ where you can buy many healthy products from small independent brands.

The Happiness Cafe
the happiness cafe eindhoven
The Happiness Cafe is a great name for this cafe, because it makes you very happy! It’s right across the street from Usine and serves all day breakfast, salads, sandwiches and homemade sweets. They have many vegetarian options and even a few gluten free and vegan options. Especially the latter is quite unique in Eindhoven where many cafes still serve the usual ‘meat, fish or cheese’. Just look at the delicious vegan sandwich with hummus, avocado and pumpkin they have! I can also recommend the vegan salad with tempeh and the homemade raw pastries.

Bij Albrecht
bij albrecht vegetarisch veganistisch eindhoven
Bij Albrecht is run by a young couple; he’s an experienced chef and she’s a nutritionist specialized in natural food. They started By Albrecht with a mission to have a restaurant with a minimal footprint and to inspire a people for a  vegan lifestyle. They sure have inspired me! They have many delicious vegetarian and vegan dishes on the menu. They’re open for dinner and offer an exclusive plant based food experience!

vegan mango freak shake
You might have unhealthy associations with the word, but apart from the vowels it’s also missing a deep fryer and refined sugars. What they do have is a menu with healthy dishes and guilty pleasures, but always home made and with pure ingredients. There are many options for vegetarians and vegans at SNCKBR, including salads, sandwiches, 5 different kinds of vegan pancakes and 3 vegan freak shakes.
SNCKBR also has a restaurant in Amsterdam, although this one in Eindhoven has a different feel and, also nice, a cocktailbar in the basement!

Zwart Wit Koffie
vega sandwich zwart wit koffie eindhoven
Zwart Wit Koffie (Black White Coffee) is a great place for a good cup of coffee or tea. They also have a short but good food menu. Just a couple of items to choose from but two of them are vegetarian and they both taste really good. You’ve got a veggie breakfast with avocado, poached egg and cheese and a sourdough bread sandwich with roasted cauliflower, apple, pumpkin cream and balsamic. It’s around the corner from Bij Aalbrecht so it might be your favorite neighborhood!

Falafel Masters
falafel masters eindhoven vegan
There are probably quite a few places where you can get falafel in  Eindhoven, but there are a few reasons why I recommend this one in particular. First of all they have whole wheat pita bread. I think they’re so much tastier and healthier than white bread! Second of all the owner is super friendly. He makes you feel relaxed and takes good care of you. And last but not least: they have many vegan options! They even have several vegan desserts including a date-nut cake and vegan baklava.


EMMA is a restaurant, bar and patisserie in the city center of Eindhoven. It’s open since October 2017 and is located on the Nieuwe Emmasingel (hence the name EMMA). It’s a really unique place because of the concept to have a restaurant, bar and patisserie all in one place. EMMA is housed in a spacious premises with walls covered with street-art style paintings from Iwan Smit and their own indoor greenhouse. You can read more about EMMA on this page

usine eindhoven vegetarisch
I told you how Strijp-S is the upcoming area in Endhoven, the downside is that it’s quite far away from the city center. Usine on the other hand is right in the middle of the centre (just like the Happiness Cafe), it’s close to the central station and has a big parking lot which makes it super easy to reach. The menu has many meat options, but they do have a great vegetarian lasagna and my favorite: a quiche with goat cheese, pumpkin, sweet potato and mushrooms. Bad news for the vegans; you won’t find many options here.


Restaurant Vane is located on the 13th floor of the NH collections hotel in the city centre of Eindhoven. Vane is lead by topchef Casimir Evens, who worked at 2 Michelin star restaurant Pastorale in Belgium. The views during dinner are amazing when the sky is dark and the city is beautifully lit. Pictured is a vegetarian starter that I enjoyed; it’s homemade atjar served with avocado cream and wasabi. Read all about Vane and the NH collections hotel Eindhoven city centre on this page.

Yoghurt Barn
high tea yogurt barn

As the name already says, they sell yogurt. You can choose your own yogurt (all organic, and there’s also vegan option) with your own toppings, or go for one of the combinations that they have on the menu. You can also order a picnic or reserve a high tea. And as you can see on the picture, the high tea is delicious!
There’s also a Yoghurt Barn in Utrecht, Den BoschThe Hague and Amsterdam.



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