Ferris Foodbar, Tilburg

Ferris Foodbar has opened up in Tilburg.
Ferris Foodbar is a bar / restaurant that has opened up on the Heuvelring. Foodbar is a good name for Ferris, as both food and drinks are equally important here. The drinks menu is as long as the bites menu. On the drink menu you’ll find all kinds of cocktails, beers and liquors. Especially the Gin&Tonic list is quite long. On the food menu you’ll find all kinds of bites. There are dishes that you can order for shared dinning and there’s a bite menu that you can order until closing time.


You’ll have a hard time recognizing the premises when you enter Ferris Foodbar. The interior got a whole new look from a complete make-over. On the ground floor you’ll find some round sofas where you can sit with a group. I really like sitting around a round table with a group as it’s easier to make contact with everyone. In the back there’s the bar with bar stools where you can enjoy a cocktail and there are tables for 2 or 4.
There’s also a grande stairway up to the first floor, where you can either go right or left. On the right you’ll find more tables for dinner, but that are also a great space for if you’re having dinner with a group. On the left side you’ll find a bar. Here they’ll organize cocktail workshop, but it’s also great for a private party.

Shared Dinning

I was lucky to try out many items from the menu of Ferris Foodbar before it officially opened up. As I said they serve all kinds of bites that you can order with your table to share. I love shared dinning as you can try many dishes from a menu. On the picture you see their camembert cheese from the oven. The camembert has a honey, time, rosemary topping that they spread over the cheese before it went into the oven. The camembert is served with toasted bread and two chutneys.

My Review

On this picture you see, besides the camembert, their homemade nacho’s with three different home-made dips: guacamole, roasted red pepper salsa and Mexican corn dip. The latter was my favorite, also because it was so original.
And if you got a sharp eye you might spot the vegetarian corn ribs. I’m normally not a big fan of corn, but these were seasoned so tasty. And they were shortly deep-fried for a nice crunchy taste. The corn ribs are served with two dips; homemade ricotta and aioli.

Vegetarian options

For people that want a main dish rather than shared dinning there are 5 different meat dishes on the menu. But again, I love the shared dinning concept so I would go for some of their starters, bites and side kicks.
They also have quite a few vegetarian options. Pictured here you see their avocado fries; but they also had vegetarian gyozas, truffle parmesan fries, Patatas Bravas, a cheese pletter and labneh.


There are also five desserts on the menu of Ferris Foodbar. The New York Cheesecake really tasted as creamy as the ones in New York, the raspberry cheesecake has a nice raspberry swirl and the chocolate cake is vegan!
They also have banana bread and mochi, an ice cream dessert from Japan.

In short, the dishes at Ferris Foodbar are super tasty versions of dishes that you might recognize from your travels to for example Bali or New York. It’s real comfort food. Don’t worry about calories when you enter, just enjoy the delicious food.

You can reserve by sending a Whatsapp to 06-47 30 38 94.

Win a dinner cheque

As I’m a big fan of Ferris Foodbar, I organized a really cool giveaway! You can now win a dinner cheque worth 50euros for Ferris Foodbar! All you have to do is subscribe to my newsletter below (if you weren’t already on it) and tell me in the comments which dish you’re most curious of.

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  • Ooooh wat ziet het er heerlijk uit! Ik ben een echte kaaskop dus de camembert lijkt me heerlijk en zal ik graag eens proberen!

    Merel 29 November 2019 19:40 Reply
    • Gefeliciteerd Merel! Jij wint een diner cheque ter waarde van 50euro! Ik stuur je zo een mail met meer informatie!

      annetravelfoodie 6 December 2019 09:29 Reply
  • Erg benieuwd naar de avocado frietjes en ik wil zeker die cheesecake proeven!

    Jesca 29 November 2019 21:40 Reply
  • Ik ben superbenieuwd naar de avocado fries 💚💓! Maar eigenlijk naar héél erg veel daar na jóúw review😋😊🙃

    Marijke 30 November 2019 04:57 Reply
  • Wauw, dit ziet er zeer veelbelovend uit! Met name de homemade chips met Mexican corn dip, de avocado fries en de NY cheesecake lijken me voortreffelijk! Het lijkt me een onvergetelijke ervaring om hier te mogen genieten.

    Berna 30 November 2019 08:46 Reply
  • Wauw! Wat een tof interieur, leuke en spannende combinaties qua eten én vega opties voor degene die ik mee wil nemen! Een aanwinst voor ‘ons’ Tilburg! Duimen dat wij even mogen genieten tussen alle tentamenstress door. Cheers!

    Y.J.M. Timmermans 30 November 2019 09:59 Reply
  • ik ben heel benieuwd naar shared dinning want dat kan in Tilburg nog op niet veel plaatsen terwijl het zò leuk is. Lekker samen eten met vrienden die ik toch al te weinig zie. Heerlijk!

    Sanne Van Herp 30 November 2019 11:11 Reply
  • Truffle parmesan fries😍

    Jennifer 30 November 2019 14:55 Reply
  • Je bent echt geweldig ❤️❤️

    Heleen 30 November 2019 18:56 Reply
  • Looks super nice! Ben heel erg benieuwd😊

    Elle 1 December 2019 12:52 Reply
  • Jaaa alles wat met avocado te maken heeft, ben ik gek op. Dus ben o.a. echt benieuwd naar de avocado frietjes!! Ziet er super lekker uit!

    Merel 1 December 2019 23:29 Reply
  • Ben erg benieuwd naar de mochi

    Britt 2 December 2019 11:44 Reply
  • Yes, Tilburg wordt steeds leuker! Als ijsfanaat staat de mochi bovenaan mijn lijstje!

    Anke Raaijmakers 2 December 2019 23:09 Reply
  • Avocado fries👌🏻🥰

    Daphne 4 December 2019 00:05 Reply
  • Wauw hier moet ik echt snel heen! Interieur ziet er tof uit 🙂
    Ik wil heel graag de camembert proeven, lijkt me heerlijk.

    Simone H. 4 December 2019 18:00 Reply
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