Our new house: the gardens

This month we got the keys to our new house, the first house that we bought. And perhaps the last because I’m totally in love with it! In a few blog posts I’ll tell you all about our new house and I’ll share many pictures with you. I start with the first part of our new house: the gardens.
Yes plural as we have a front yard and a back yard.

Front Yard

As you can see on the picture, the front yard has a path in the middle that leads to the front door, a hedge and several nice flowers including many hydrangeas. We decided not to change that much to the frontyard as we already quite like it as it is.
A thing that we might change later, as real Dutchies, is to add some space to park our bikes. We can also park our bikes in the back yard, but you have to go through two gates, which is a bit of a hassle if you need your bike later that same day.

The one thing that we did change was to get a new mailbox. And not a regular mailbox but a package mailbox from MYPO. My biggest frustration in life was that packages always seem to be delivered when I’m not at home. And then you have to either ask your neighbors for the 100th time for your package or, even worse, drive quite far to pick it up somewhere. The latter was especially frustrating when the package was quite heavy and I had to drive across Tilburg with it on my bike. So almost the first thing that I arranged for our new house was to get a package mailbox (or ‘pakketbrievenbus’ in Dutch). When you have a package mailbox, the mailman can leave your package inside the mailbox so you can just collect it when you get home. The mailman can open the package box with the last 4 digits of the track and trace code and you can open it with a 4 digit code that you create yourself. There’s an app that lets you know when you have mail.
The MYPO package mailboxes also have a beautiful design and they get installed for free, so I’m very happy with it!

Because I like it so much I’ve teamed up with them to give my readers and followers a big discount! You can now order your MYPO package mailbox with a 50 Euro discount when you use code ANNE50 when you order.

Back Yard

And we also have a nice backyard! I really love the sun so I always dreamt about a house with a south-facing backyard. I can’t believe we found one, and that in the city center! The backyard has an U-shape as the scullery is built in the garden. On the left side (seen from the house) we get sun in the morning. This is the site from the kitchen and scullery, so it’s a great spot to have my breakfast in summer! The other side can be accessed from the living room. On that side we have the sun in the evening so we put our dinner table there. We got that outdoor dining table about 3 years ago at IKEA. We used it on our balcony in the apartment and it also fits well here.

The back of the harden has a big wooden canopy. I think we might actually remove half of it, as it’s quite big and gives a lot of shade (whereas I really love the sun). But we’re also going to keep part of it as it’s handy to keep our bikes dry and we made a lounge corner where we can hang out in the shade on hot days.

We got the loungeset as a housewarming gift from my parents, we got it at Wehkamp. Above it you see the outdoor lights from Cotton Ball Lights. The Cotton Ball Lights for indoors are made from cotton (hence the name), but they have a special range for outdoors called Lubanida. They’re made from polyester instead, so they can survive the rain. They are available in 7 color combinations; I went for the Lubanida Verde.

We got special tableware to eat outside. I wanted outdoor tableware that wasn’t too heavy and that doesn’t break easily. But most outdoor tableware is made for camping and, let’s face it, not very well designed. Luckily I found this tableware from Mepal. It’s called Mepal Bloom and they have a whole range of tableware. It’s made from plastic but as it has a mat finish, it looks very stylish. It’s great for your garden, balcony, barbecue parties or picnics.

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Besides the loungeset we also got a hanging chair. I can’t wait for all the relaxing moments that I’ll have there, just chilling! We didn’t really have room for a hammock, but this hanging chair is perfect for smaller gardens or balconies. I got the hanging chair from Tropilex, a brand that also sells hammocks and all the accessories that you might need for your hammock or hanging chair. They come in all kinds of colors and patterns but I kept it simple with this pearl colored hanging chair.

And we finally got a barbecue! On our balcony we weren’t allowed to barbecue, so I actually never owned a barbecue before. But now that we have our own backyard we can throw as many barbecue parties as we want!
We went for a table model barbecue. This one from LotusGrill has a perfect size as it’s small enough to set on the table but big enough to grill our food. Besides, it’s very safe as the exterior doesn’t get warm. And another bonus is that it’s heated up in a couple of minutes. As opposed to the barbecues I remember from when I was young and where it took hours to fire up the grill! I got this LotusGrill online at kookexpert.nl (I have the XL version in anthracite).

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