New Restaurants in Tilburg 2020

I love it how my hometown Tilburg is getting better and better. So many nice restaurants have opened up in the last few years. This year, the year 2020, is a strange year due to the Corona pandemic. But even though these are creazy times for restaurants, we’re lucky that several restaurants have opened up in Tilburg. Some have opened up right before the outbreak, and some have opened up because of the situation. These times call for creative solutions! On this page I’m sharing all new restaurants in Tilburg that have opened up in 2020. I keep updating it every time a new restaurant opens.
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Steck 013

Steck013 has opened up in the former Lindeboom restaurant on the infamous ‘vijfsprong’ in the city center of Tilburg. It’s a real traditional ‘eetcafe’ like we used to have many of in Tilburg. But they’re slowly disappearing with all the hip food concepts opening up. Luckily Steck 013 gives you that oldfashioned feel of a living room style cafe with an affordable menu. You can see that it’s modern though, by the large amount of vegetarian options on their menu. I had this vegetarian quiche and it was delicious.


Restaurant T-Huis has opened up in the Spoorpark. The owner of T-Huis also owns Restaurant Rak at the Piushaven, and you can see the similarities in the menu. Which is not a bad thing, as I love Rak!
For a restaurant in a public park, the menu isn’t very child-friendly. But it’s great for millenials like myself. The dishes are high in flavor and you might want to save room for dessert as you get to choose it from a board with all options on display.
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Hungree is a take-out and delivery restaurant. It’s located near the Julianapark in Tilburg Noord. But no worries if you think that’s too far away from where you live; you can just have your food delivered to your door. They’ve got all kinds of dishes at Hungree. My boyfriend loves their chicken satey. And I love it that the have no less than 3 vegetarian options. Pictured you see the red beet burger with sweet potato fries.

Stadscafe Brick

On June 1st Stadscafe Brick has opened in the Stadhuisstraat. You can visit Brick for lunch, dinner or a drink. Their menu has all the classic lunch and dinner dishes and some surprising dinner dishes with an Indonesian twist like Rendang and (chicken or vegetarian) sate.


Softy’s is a great example of how you can be creative as a restaurant during these strange Corona times. The train compartment of restaurant Eetbar de Wagon in the Spoorzone that is normally used for business meetings and group activities, is now turned into an Ice Cream parlor. At Softy’s you can get your soft-serve to go. They’ve got 8 different flavors that are not your average soft-serve (or ‘softijs’) flavors. The most alternative one, for the dare-devils, is bacon, egg and cornflakes. But you can also play it more safe with strawberry, basil and olives or with yuzu and blueberries.

Cote Sur Vive

Another great example of a creative initiative in Corona times is Cote Sur Vive. You can find it at the terrace of the Boemel in the Spoorzone. You’ll feel like you’re on vacation in your own city if you’re going there. There are bean bags and a bar, but there are also great activities and entertainment like the ‘sit down disco dance’.

De Falafelbar

De Falafelbar has opened up in Bank15 and is the brother of Bao atelier Kokumi that was already there. They’re starting with a small menu with mostly just pita falafel. But they’ll be expending soon. Now that Bank15 will move from the Spoorlaan you can’t sit down at the restaurant, but you can still order the dishes for delivery.

Tex-Mex Streetfood

There’s a new delivery and take-out restaurant in de Reeshof. Tex-Mex Streetfood delivers, you’ve guessed it, Tex-Mex streetfood. Their Texan-Mexican menu consits of dishes like nacho’s, buffalo wings and tortillas. For now they deliver in de Reeshof and Tilburg West but they do have plans to expand to other neighborhoods too.

Beachy Tilburg

You might remember Beachy from when it popped up in 2019 near the Schouwburg. This year they’re back in Tilburg Noord. Close to the roundabout with the turning house. It’s a real ‘city beach’ with sand and beach chairs, close to the water of the Wilhelminakanaal. They organize Corona proof parties on a regular basis that are very popular with students.

Poké You

After Hoki Poki and Sorry not Sorry closed down, we only had 1 Poke Bowl restaurant left in Tilburg. But since August 2020, we have another one: Poké You. You can find Poké You near the Albert Heijn XL supermarket. For now they’re only open for take-away, but they’ll be open for delivery soon. You can go for one of the poké bowls from the menu or design your own. You can choose between white or brown sushi rice or lettuce as the base and choose from almost 20 ingredients. They have enough vegetarian and vegan options to choose from.

Oostwest Cultuur cafe

Oostwest Cultuur café is a coffee bar and lunchroom at the Tilburg International Center. You can find it right behind the Pieter Vreedeplein. At the ‘culture cafe’ you can get all kinds of coffee and tea. Not just the European styles, but coffees and teas from all over the world. There are also a few cakes and lunch dishes available. There are asylum seekers with a residence permit are working at the cafe. This way all kinds of cultures are melting together at the Oostwest Cultuur café.


You can find Pulcinos on the spot where Hoki Poke used to be on the Nieuwlandstraat. It’s a combination of a delicacy shop and a restaurant. You can sit down on one of the few tables and have a good lunch or dinner. On the menu you can find dishes like Turkish bread with avocado and za’atar or a (vegetarian) burger. The 2 guys behind Pulcino’s also have a Limoncello, so you’ll find products with limoncellon on the menu as well. Like limoncello ice cream and limoncello chocolates made by Friandries. I ordered a limoncello with tonic to go with it for a whole limoncello experience.

Koppig Brunchcafé

Koppig is a brunch café where you can enjoy breakfast and lunch dishes all day long. They’ve opened up at the spot where Ovide (and before that Mugs & Muffins) used to be on the Tuinstraat and it’s ran by two ladies. On the menu are pancakes, waffles, eggs Bennedict, grilled cheese sandwiches and much more. Pictured you see their sandwich with homemade spinach spread.

Mercado Emma

Mercado Emma is a food market in the Emma passage. You can buy all kinds of delicacies and high quality products here, like purple cauliflower, local beers and exotic herbs. There’s also a restaurant area with over 60 seats where you can enjoy lunch or coffee with cake. With sandwiches for only 6 euros they’re one of the cheapest lunch spots in town.

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De Spinnerij

De Spinnerij will be Tilburg’s first cat cafe! Here you can enjoy a coffee while you cuddle with cats. They’ll be opening up in September 2020. They’ll open up in de Langestraat, where you can also find Don’s Noodle Shop.

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